Grose Vale


Postcode: 2753  | Distance to Sydney CBD: 71 km



Grose Vale is a suburb located in the City of Hawkesbury. It was previously known as Grose Wold North.  Grose Vale's population is 709 (Census 2001).

The suburb consists of mostly semi-rural properties around 5 to 10 acres in size. Entry into the suburb is via Grose Vale road running from Grose Wold to the East, and the village of Kurrajong to the North.

The suburb has no footpaths and only sparse street-lighting. The parts of Grose Vale nearest Kurrajong have town water and/or sewer lines. The majority of residents use tank water, either from rainfall or trucked in using tankers. Waste is disposed of using septic tanks and absorption trenches.

Amenities are provided at the junction of Grose Vale Road and Grose Wold Road (West) in the form of a small general store and petrol station (gas station), a post office, a hairdresser, a bus-stop and a public telephone. NB: as of April 2013, the general store and gas station are closed and the premises on the market. The nearest grocery stores are now approximately 7 minutes drive away at either Kurrajong (small family-owned supermarket) or North Richmond (2 large chain supermarkets)

Grose Vale has a government primary (elementary) school, Grose View Public School, a community centre hall, a Rural Fire Station located on Cabbage Tree Road, and is served by a Cub and Scout Pack.  Telephone and power lines run above ground, and due to the hilly somewhat-exposed terrain and number of trees, power failures are not uncommon during stormy weather. Broadband internet supply uses ADSL2, with the Telstra substation located near the general store.  Subscription television is by satellite only. Cable television does not yet run to Grose Vale.

The Blue Mountains national park opens to the South and West of the suburb, and brings many forms of native fauna to the residents. Wallabies are common, as are the Australian King Parrot, the Kookaburra, the Rosella, the Rainbow Lorikeet, the Bellbird, the Galah, and the Cockatoo

Winters can drop to below zero (32 F) but this is not common. Daytime summer temperatures can reach into the mid 40s (110 + F) and if coupled with low humidity and a strong NW wind the suburb is exposed to an extreme risk of bushfires (wildfires)




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